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Guarded by the Snake, my monster romance novel in the Monster Security Agency, is live! It’s a gripping, action-packed novel with sizzling steam and lots of dirty talk. Spicy tropes: double D, massive size difference, working it in, praise, “you can take it”, touch her and die (literally) and forbidden love.


NEW FREE BONUS STORY! Download a free smutty novella that takes you back into the Ghosts of Halloween world. It’s filled with festive spicy times. Why Choose, sword crossing, MMMF.

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Coming in April…

Wed to the Basilisk, my final installment in the Arranged Monster Mates series, will be live in April. Expect a deadly, violent monster who can be calmed only by one person – his bride. Unless someone threatens her. Then all bets are off.

(Includes a scaly monster who can kill with a glance and sports a double D. You’re welcome!)


layla fae bonus story free

CHRISTMAS: Ghosts of Halloween Bonus Story

This is a free spicy novella showing sexy events around the first Christmas Jack, Caden, Silas, and Harlow spend together.

Length: 25k words (over 100 pages)

Kinks: MMMF foursome, Why Choose, sword-crossing, Christmas masks; various pairings, including MM, MF, and foursome; rimming, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, snowballing, cum play, spanking, edging, genital piercings, sex toys, forced orgasms.

Layla Fae’s Books

guarded by the snake by layla fae monster romance



A bodyguard monster romance novel with action, spice, and a forbidden romance that starts off with enmity.

Reluctant allies to lovers, one bed, forced proximity, double D, massive size difference, working it in, you can take me, touch her and die, she falls first – he falls harder, forbidden romance (“shehru don’t fuck humans”).

And that sizzling nightclub scene.

Available for kindle and in paperback, free with Kindle Unlimited.


wed to the lich by layla fae



Arranged monster marriage, a terrifying undead hero wielding shadow magic, and a gentle ballerina heroine who suffers from a serious eating disorder – this is the setup for this sweet, moody romance with gothic vibes and delicious paranormal spice.

A favorite monster romance read, this book reached #1 bestseller rank in the Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance. It’s free to read in Kindle Unlimited.


wed to jack frost by layla fae



A spicy Christmas arranged marriage romance with an enormous, furry monster hero who’s terrified of marriage and can’t even say the word wife… and a bossy, demanding heroine who won’t take his no for an answer.

She’s lonely and convinced no one can love her. He comes from a large mountain clan that’s ready to welcome his new human wife with the warmth and affection she’s longed for all her life.


  • fur and hair brushing
  • femdom and pegging
  • found family
  • monster Yule traditions


draco by layla fae cover



This is a steamy, hilarious, OTT dragon shifter romance novel with a clumsy heroine and a double-peen dragon shifter hero – who’s a chef and her boss.

What’s inside:

  • OTT sexual tension and magic jizz
  • double peen = double penetration
  • hot dragon shifting
  • exquisite food descriptions because we’re in this for pleasure
  • Slavic folklore; magic, curses, witches, old gods
  • full novel standalone with a HEA


falling for mr hyde by layla fae cover


This is an MFM, demonic romance with a magic academy, monsters, and a steamy BDSM relationship between Poppy, who is a shifter, headmaster Hyde, who is an immortal human with a sadistic streak, and Daddy Gorgo, a demon bonded with Hyde.


  • MFM = male, female, monster
  • dark academia vibes
  • BDSM with a heavy focus on dom/sub dynamics, pain play, and blood play
  • daddy kink
  • enemies to lovers: the FMC is trying to kill the MMCs
  • special monster peen
  • accidental demon bonding and more!


jack 2 halloween monster erotica by layla fae



This is a collection of Layla Fae’s Monster Ever After books featuring one brand new story: JACK 2. It features monstrous members, flavorful fluids, lusty lovemaking, and some embarrassing epilogues.

It is in Kindle Unlimited, also available as a paperback – because who wouldn’t want this flaming hot guy on their bookshelf?

Perfect for a delicious Halloween with spice and giggles.

Stories included: JACK, GRIM, ORC, CROW, JACK 2.

And if you’re wondering, the hero of JACK 2 is the son of JACK and Suzy, all grown up and ready to play.

dark romance ghoul by layla fae



This book is dark. It’s a story of Holly, a broken woman with a past of abuse, and Ghoul, a cannibal serial killer who is not entirely human.

Holly walks in on Ghoul standing over his victim’s body. The serial killer gives chase, but when he finally catches Holly, it turns out he doesn’t just want to kill her. He has something much worse in mind. This book ends in a dark HFN.

Trigger warnings: All sexual encounters are between two adults and are consensual. The kinks/fetishes include: blood play, knife play, choking, degradation, praise, unprotected sex, anal, biting, drinking blood.
Other triggers: stalking, murder, kidnapping, cannibalism, torture, abuse, suicide.

Meet the monsters

Here are some of the monstrous, exceptionally equipped males you’ll find in Layla Fae’s fantasy and paranormal romance books.



Monster Ever After

Jack is a monster full of tricks… with one very special treat in his pants!

The face of the popular, multi-flavour Monster Ever After series, JACK is a steamy, short read for Halloween – or anytime you’re in the mood for something hilarious and tasting of pumpkin spice.



The Silver Fury

Urgan the Bloodthirsty is a ferocious orc general who’s always victorious, always in control…

Until he meets a human woman who turns his world upside down. Book 1 in the Silver Fury trilogy, The Orc’s Bride will take you on a fantasy adventure, full of intrigue, green, hulking beasts – and monstrous steam.



Wed to the Lich

Virgil is terrifying… 

And the only person who’s not afraid of him is his arranged bride, May. Obsessed with winning her love, Virgil will do everything it takes to win May’s affection and keep her by his side. 

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