Finger Licking Monsters

draco monster romance by layla fae

DRACO: A Dragon Chef Romance

My boss is a dragon and he tastes like magic.

When I say I’m a clumsy woman, I’m not being cute. With the amount of things I have tripped over, dropped on myself, and fallen into, it’s a miracle I am still alive.
One might even say I’m cursed.
So how the hell did I end up working in a restaurant kitchen? And not just any kitchen – this one is run by the notorious chef Draco Domanski, who cannot abide people tripping on asparagus or spilling coffee down his shirt. (Which I do not regret. The memory of that shirt clinging to his abs comes handy in the shower.)
Sowing chaos in Draco’s precious kitchen, I’ve come to know all signs of his displeasure. Eyes gleaming red. Smoke fuming from his nose. Tail wrapping around my leg.
Draco can’t stand my klutzy ways. And yet, he can’t let me go. Because there is a certain… service… only I can perform for him. Or more accurately – on him.
It has to do with his secret spice, and boy, do I mean it when I say spice. Draco is doubly endowed (as in, he has two) and as hot as only a dragon can be. He tastes heavenly.
And I can’t fall for him because he’s my boss, keeps calling me Rabbit, and his fangs could rip me in half.
If I ignore the tension cooking between us, it will go away. Right?

layla fae monster romance


The next book in Layla Fae’s Finger Licking Monsters romance series will tell the story of the trickster and Calli.


Monster love

Special Peen


… and more!

Finger Licking Monsters is a new romance series by Layla Fae. All books are standalone novels, connected by the paranormal world where the action is taking place. The characters will have cameos in other books, and you might meet an old friend from the Monster Ever After series, as well!

Steam and hilarity guaranteed!

All books are available in Kindle Unlimited.

For Steam Seekers…


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

6 (handjob), 7 (handjob), 9 (handjob), 10 (PIV and cunnilingus), 11 (shifted dragon DP), 12 (DP), 13 (breeding&knotting)



You’ll find steam in the following chapters:


The Bonus Scenes

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Remember how Draco threatened to stuff Rabbit full off eggplant? It turns out it is his fantasy which he gets to make true when Jo provokes him.

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