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The Third Wish

This is a spicy paranormal monster romance telling the story of a cold-hearted djinn and the bubbly artist who melts his heart. It’s a full-length novel with high spice, action, and some dom/sub dynamics. Read the trigger warning inside before diving in.

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Bonus Story to the Ghosts of Halloween series

This is a free spicy novella showing sexy events around the first Christmas Jack, Caden, Silas, and Harlow spend together.

Length: 25k words (over 100 pages)

Kinks: MMMF foursome, Why Choose, sword-crossing, Christmas masks; various pairings, including MM, MF, and foursome; rimming, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, snowballing, cum play, spanking, edging, genital piercings, sex toys, forced orgasms.

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The Prequel to the Ghosts of Halloween series

This is a spicy prequel to my dark, spicy Halloween trilogy depicting key events before the start of Jacked, book one. Be advised this series contains dark themes and isn’t suitable for every reader. 18+ only.

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Free Bonus Stories


DRACO: Free Bonus Story

In which Draco and Jo explore the joys of playing with food in the bedroom.

Get after reading Draco: A Dragon Chef Romance. Available on Kindle and free in Kindle Unlimited.  

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GRIM: Free Bonus Story

In which Grim introduces Beth to the joys of backdoor loving.

Get after reading GRIM: Monster Erotica.

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ORC: Free Bonus Story

In which pistachio cream production is in full swing, changing the world of skicare one bucket at a time.

Get after reading ORC: Monster Erotica.

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Full Sack: Free Bonus Story

In which Racoon and Jen resort to hate f*cking to relieve his bursting sack. It should make sense if you read the book.

Get after reading Full Sack: Thanksgiving Erotica.

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SATAN: Free Bonus Story

In which we meet a few old friends and get to taste some exquisite chocolate… under the table.

Get after reading SATAN: Christmas Monster Romance.

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The Third Wish...

is a paranormal romance novel

It has magic, a powerful djinn with a monstrous side, and tons of spice (check the TWs).

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third wish book cover