Monster Ever After

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JACK 2: Halloween Monster Erotica

It’s Halloween and Jack is back to claim what’s his.

Ava hasn’t seen her ex for a year. She trembles at the very thought of him as she saw him last: a monster, his powerful body sleek with sweat, his head a flaming jack-o’-lantern. Even though she ran away as soon as he revealed his true form, the image is burned into her mind.
It haunts her in hot, sweaty dreams from which she wakes with a moan on her lips, the sheets tangled between her legs. But those dark, sensuous dreams are not enough to push her back into Jack’s monstrous embrace. Ava avoids him at all cost.
And Jack won’t have it. It’s Halloween, the night when he is the most powerful, and he will have Ava back, even if he has to hold her captive in his Halloween mansion. It lies in the Halloween Realm, a magical place where everything is hotter, spicier, and more orange.
Ava will be at the mercy of the pumpkin-headed demon whose heart and body hunger for her and her only. She’s in for a Halloween night full of filthy, monstrous wonders.
Some of them may taste like pumpkin spice.

crow monster erotica by layla fae

CROW: Monster Erotica

He will do anything to protect her from monsters – and most importantly, from himself. After all, he is the worst of them all.

Veronica has lived through enough nightmares. She doesn’t need another one. And Crow knows he’s a grotesque beast, a sight unfit for human eyes. He settles for protecting her from afar and keeping his distance.
But he can’t help coveting her luscious body and wishing for things he can never have: her touch, her kisses, her screams of pleasure and sweet words of surrender.
He can barely fight off the urge to lay his eggs inside her.
And the thing that can alleviate his curse? A true love’s kiss, or rather, something much more lustful than a kiss. But Crow would never ask it of Veronica, even though his feathers quiver with how much he wants her.

This birdman erotic novella is over 10k word long, contains blueberry CREAM, and is for adult audiences only.

jack halloween monster erotica by layla fae

JACK: Halloween Monster Erotica

Jack is a monster full of tricks… with one very special treat in his pants.

Suzy is feeling lonely on Halloween. She performs a love spell, hoping to summon a nice, perfectly safe Mr. Hunky to keep her entertained… but she fails. The creature that answers her summons is neither nice nor safe, but oh boy, is he hunky!

Jack-o’-lantern is a devious ancient monster who once tricked the devil himself into granting him immortality. Now, Jack is here, a grinning pumpkin in the place of his head and a thing out of this world in his very bulging pants. The monster will have Suzy in every way he pleases, filling her close to bursting with his fertile seed… and nothing can hold him back.

This holiday erotic novella is over 10k word long, contains pumpkin-spice-flavored CREAM, and is for adult audiences only.

grim monster erotica by layla fae

GRIM: Monster Erotica

When I’m hanging over a cliff and getting ready for death, the only way out is to promise the Grim Reaper anything he wants.

Because what’s a girl to do when her arms are going numb and she doesn’t want to become a pancake? Also, he is kind of gorgeous. I mean, apart from the terrifying skull he has instead of a head, his eye sockets filled with fire, his horns, and his prehensile tail.

When I fall to my death and Grim catches me to whisk me off to his lair, I am ready to look past the skull and the horns. But then, it turns out I’m not really saved. The only way for me to stay alive is to drink his essence. The essence that shoots out of the sinfully monstrous thing between his legs. Yup. That essence.

It tastes nothing like what I’ve expected.

This erotic novella is 13k word long, contains special-flavor CREAM, and is for adult audiences only.

satan christmas monster erotica by layla fae

SATAN: A Christmas Monster Romance

It’s Christmas Eve and SATAN is here.

Yup, you read that right. And I can’t spell, so now, I need to deal with Satan, who has been getting the letters I’ve been writing to Santa for over 20 years. The sexy devil is here in all his wicked, sinful glory, standing right under the mistletoe.

Because apparently not only am I dyslexic… I am also on HIS naughty list.
You see, I’ve never been good, but there was that ONE SIN I’ve never committed. Yes, I’ve been saving my cherry for Mr. Right, and Satan is not pleased. He wants to corrupt me. Tempt me. Seduce me. He wants to make me sin repeatedly, in more ways than one. With him.

And while his rod is no candy cane, I might just give in to temptation.
Because tonight, Satan tastes like Christmas.

This holiday erotic novella is 25k word long and a standalone. It contains SUGAR COOKIES and is for adult audiences only.

orc monster erotica by layla fae

ORC: Monster Erotica

“We’ll need a bucket,” Gurd said, taking off his pants.

Karla never dreamt she’d meet an actual orc. Orcs don’t exist. They aren’t dangerous and powerful, with fists that might squeeze the life out of a hippo, not to mention a frail human. Their essence certainly isn’t, well, abundant – and also green and smelling deliciously nutty…

OK, fine, they exist. One is standing right there. Smelling nutty.

But even though he fills her with longing, Karla’s certain no orc in his right mind will go around lusting after her, a curvy woman suffering from adult acne, right? It’s impossible.

Well, guess what?
Gurd the Orc is in Karla’s bedroom, more than ready to conquer her with his green sword. And he’s asking for a bucket because you know what happens when an orc comes.

Karla’s carpet might never be the same after this.

This short monster erotic novella is a standalone. It contains pistachio cream and is for adult audiences only.


Monster love

Special Peen


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Books in this series differ in length, and each is about a different monster, but they share a few themes. These are MF romance/erotica books, all peens are special, there are lots of steam, and each monster has a unique flavor. Their essence will be consumed and sometimes ingeniously turned into a product by the entrepreneurial heroines. You have been warned!

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For Steam Seekers…


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

2, 3, 4, 5, Epilogue.


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

2, 3, 4, Epilogue, Bonus Scene.


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

8, 9, 10, 13, 14, Epilogue, Bonus Scene.


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

6, 7, 8, Bonus Scene.


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

5, 7, 8.


You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

4, 5, 6, 7.

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