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About Layla Fae

Hi! I’m not really called Layla Fae – it’s just a pen name I made up when I wrote my first monster book, His Huge Horns (heavily influenced by my adoration for Darkness from the movie Legend – if you’re a fan, you can tell! The heroine is even called Lily).

So, as Layla, I write monster books. I lean towards steamy humor (Monster Ever After and Finger Licking Monsters) and heavy action (The Silver Fury orc romance series). I also tried my hand at dark paranormal romance, which came out really dark. I’m talking about GHOUL. And of course, I write fantasy and paranormal monster romance.

Privately, I am a married woman in my thirties and a mom of two very lively daughters. I live in Poland in a huge house with an overgrown garden, where I tend to my vegetable patch (I might treat you to some pumpkin pictures in autumn!) and make friends with my neighbors’ cats.

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