The Silver Fury: the Orc Romance Series

the orc bride moenster romance novel layla fae

The Orc’s Bride: A Monster Romance

Orcs killed my family. They order us around and take from us what they want. And I am determined to end their rule. So when the ferocious silver-eyed orc says he’ll carry me away from my backwater village right to the orc capital, I take this chance. Being among orcs and having access to their Imperator, I can save humankind.

There is only one complication. This orc wants me to become his mate. He promises, or rather threatens, to court me over the journey. And orc courtship isn’t about flowers and holding hands. It’s about showing me his desire. I must pretend to be attracted to him so he doesn’t discover my secret.

The problem is… I don’t really have to pretend. I’m falling in love with my deadliest enemy.

This steamy monster romance is a 37.000 word novella and ends with a HFN – and a cliffhanger. It’s book one in The Silver Fury trilogy.

the orc wife monster romance novel by layla fae

The Orc’s Wife: A Monster Romance

I did it. I’m in the orc capital… only not as I imagined. For one, I am mated to the formidable orc general whom everyone fears. And two, the orc Imperator is secretly planning my mate’s death.

With strong, bloodthirsty Urgan by my side I am not afraid… until he locks me up in his dungeon and forbids me to leave while he’s preparing a military coup. It’s for my safety, he says. But I don’t feel particularly safe in the palace crawling with orcs, with the orc princess Urzulah trying to rip me apart so she can have my mate for herself.

Urgan doesn’t take it well when I defy him. A rift grows between us, and when it seems that our bond hasn’t been fated, after all, he rejects me publicly.
And now, I can’t even tell him I’m pregnant.

This steamy monster romance is a 50.000 word novel and ends with a HFN – no cliffhanger! It’s book two in The Silver Fury trilogy, which ends with a HEA.

the orc empress monster romance novel layla fae

The Orc’s Empress: A Monster Romance

Urgan is gone. He vanished, just like all the other orcs from our world.

And I am left alone, the Empress of a now fully human kingdom, without a mate… and without our half-orc, half-human daughter. Urgan and Safiya have gone back to the world of the orcs, a savage land of wild beasts and cruel natives. I can only hope that my mate is strong enough despite his crippled leg. Strong enough to protect our baby girl.

Drowning in grief and anguish, I still have my own battles to fight. I need to protect the throne from usurpers who have smelled my weakness. And I must find a way to reach my family. Urgan and Safiya can’t return on their own. Only I can bring them back.

Even if it means I have to venture into the orc world alone.

This fantasy monster romance is a 50.000 word novel and ends with a HEA. This is the last book in the Silver Fury trilogy and can be read as a standalone.





This is an orc romance series

If you are a Monster Ever After reader, you might be expecting a similar experience with The Silver Fury trilogy. That will not be the case!

This trilogy consists of three novels with fantasy plots that include themes such as slavery, races coexisting, power difference, war, betrayal, military coups, travel between worlds, raising a human-orc child, and more. There is steam, but expect mostly fast-paced action.

For an index of steamy scenes, scroll down.

For Steam Seekers…

The Orc's Bride

You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

 16 & 17

The Orc's Wife

You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

 5, 8, 19

The Orc's Empress

You’ll find steam in the following chapters:

 Prologue, 9, 17, 24

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