Devil’s Deal Trigger Warnings

Devils Deal Jaga and the Devil by Layla Fae


One final reminder: this is a fictional story set in a fictional world. The opinions and judgments expressed by the characters do not reflect the author’s opinions and judgments.

General themes: death, grief, gore, violence, mutilation, murder, limb amputation, labor, miscarriage, infant death, infertility, erectile dysfunction, public sex, public orgy, animal death, auguring from animal entrails, patriarchy, secretive medication of a spouse, bullying, discrimination, domestic violence, marital rape, domestic violence victim mentality, social acceptance for domestic violence, social acceptance for marital rape and marital infidelity, graphically portrayed painful menstruation, discussion of abortion, discussion of soul metaphysics in unborn children, mention of children being exposed to public sex, mind control, sexual assault, suicide.    

Triggers between MCs: toxic murderous villain manwhore MMC, dramatic age gap, physical violence, attempts at mind and body control, stalking, insistent seduction, threats of sexual assault, choking, non-consensual and consensual blood drinking, deception and lies, manipulation, dubious consent; the hero has other lovers but he and the heroine aren’t in an exclusive romantic relationship when it happens.

Kinks: virgin FMC, size difference, orgasm denial, choking, pain induced by the MMC’s anatomy, monstrous tongue, shadow magic, forced orgasms, blood drinking, transactional sex, breeding, cock worship, rimming, cock warming.


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